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Our values have been distorted by our patriarchal, capitalist and oppressive society. We have lived in a society where the masculine prevails over the feminine for over 5,000 years. That is, male energy is more valued, while female energy is abused (remembering that each of us has both energies). Therefore, our values are not in the frequency of coherence, leading us to experience misalignments in all areas of our lives, causing suffering, doubts and repetitive unhealthy patterns. We don't know to be in the high frequency law of attraction due to our blockages and low frequencies. In this portal, we are aligned with the supreme values for our transition and more humane life. 

For every beginning, we need to start from the base, from the solo, from what brought us, or rather, what gave us the opportunity to experience life. Our journey starts at Honor to be who we are, we need to recognize our ancestry, look at our past in a loving and relevant way and make peace with our child. Furthermore, it is the way to understand who we are and what we are facing, doing and serving in this existence. 


In this process we will have to make room for Intuition, that powerful voice that aligns with the heart and has been neglected and mistreated by the current system. That voice, capable of transforming us into alchemists, masters and commanders of our lives. Being the initiation in meeting our inner guru, our inner master, that is ourselves. 

For this to happen, we need to make room for the Truth: Our society does not like the truth, it encourages us to be the same, like robots and behave in the face of distortions fed not only by religious representatives but also by representatives of nations. We learned from an early age that speaking the truth, that is, using the voice of the heart is wrong to the point of feeling guilty and becoming sinners. However, many of our psychological, social, family, relational problems are originated by the difficulty of being true. 


In this way, we need a space for Freedom of Expression, because through this liberation we managed to enter a field of healthy and effective communication. We know how to welcome the expression of others and express yourself in front of it is fundamental for a healthy life and materialization. Also, it's a great way to release blockages, thoughts and feelings. 


On this path we will meet our authentic being, therefore we will work on Authenticity. We will be who we are, in our purest essence. Welcoming all our nuances, from the most positive to the most negative. We will enter into a very strong spiritual alignment that respects our individual worth and brings us clarity about our spiritual worth. From a psychological and suffering point of view, it is a powerful healing process, in which we will no longer be trying to be for others, showing something that is not real in favor of an illusory recognition. We will be our highest potential, our Greater Self. 


In order to be able to apply this in our lives in a powerful and meaningful way to everything around us, we need to learn about the Loving Communication. We learn how to communicate in the purest and fear-free way that Healthy Love is. This love little experienced by us humans in its pure frequency. Speak without pointing, express yourself without victimizing yourself, communicate to evolve and share the richness of being who we are. Here, it becomes fundamental to work on non-violent energy, but it does not only happen in communication, but in thought, in the heart and in attitudes. It becomes fertilizer for this “conversation between speaker and listener” 


Therefore, we are both sides, we need to know how to listen, that is, Conscious Listening. A listening focused on Empathy, which does not listen seeking to recognize itself, but to recognize the other. May you be able to put your present experiences and issues aside to just be in front of the other. A place connected to the human heart and its power to feel the pain of the other in a pure way and not, using it as a place of projection of your own pain. Listening based on the value of Fraternity. For sure, we need to practice the Unconditional Positive Regard, then we create a real and deep connection with others.


In this way, we encourage Cooperation, moving away from this conduct valued by our competition system. Where there are winners and losers, where we need to show that we are more valuable than others. Here, we aim at cooperation as a collective action in favor of a healthier individual life and a more humane collective life. Remind us the importance of Equality within the relationships.


For this to happen naturally, we need to have Responsibility. We become responsible for our choices, attitudes, thoughts, feelings and spiritual path. We enter this process of awareness, responsibility becomes necessary to move forward. It creates the perfect environment for the above values to be carried out in an organic and productive way for everyone present. 


From this, Humility is present for us to move forward and understand that we are not perfect and that we don't need to be. Interact and accept our Vulnerabilities in a productive way and in favor of the completeness of who we are. Understanding that being vulnerable requires Courage to express and take responsibility for our Feeling. At that moment, we established the necessary connection to move forward. 


However, we need to be on the frequency of Compassion, which comes from self-compassion for our processes and acceptance of our wounds and uncertainties. Leading us to the divine understanding of the human being. In addition, we will achieve compassion for everything and everyone around us. Knowing how to limit our space through Self-respect and interacting with the diversities of others and respecting them in order to act from Compassion in all areas of our lives. 


We will arrive at Commitment organically. We will know our role and our influence on our lives and our surroundings. We will have clarity on what we need to do and generate. We know how to relate in a high way, contributing to our growth and collective evolution. 


At that moment, we will be in the most significant frequency of this movement and the new system Coherence. We will vibrate and be consistent in everything in our lives. This coherence is shaped by the alignment of our layers, the truth of our energy field towards building a healthier life. Where being, thinking, feeling and acting will be in full connection. 


Based on this path, we will find ourselves in divine and higher frequencies. Opening up to our Sexuality. The energy that is more primitive and connected to the animal being that we are. However, experienced from the human conscience, it leads us to the connection with the divine, with the cosmos. Accepting, realizing and practicing sexuality in the broadest sense of that word becomes essential for spiritual alignment and human strength. Understanding that the sexuality we've experienced so far doesn't match who we are and our power of transformation and love. Realize that through it we will be connecting with the greatest creative and life force. 


Then we will be free for the Love. We will know that we are beings capable of loving without fear and possession. We will be with the optics of love and the attitudes generated from this powerful frequency. We will no longer be victims, liabilities or hostages of the current system. 


Finally, we meet Peace of Being. That place of completeness, fullness and contentment. We will act with the Mastery of being human. Our conscience will be anchored in everything and our capacity for discernment, feeling and intelligence will always be present. We will be living from the happiness and enjoyment of experiencing earthly life. We will no longer need a Master to guide us, as we will have within us the true and most powerful guide, our heart. 



#### I emphasize that the present services include these values mentioned above in a different way, but they are all contemplated, even in a single session. In Journey Tracking and Recognition, we'll explore more thoroughly

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