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JOANNA LEUSIN -biography

Visionary, passionate about life, intuitive, knowledge seeker and frontier explorer. Possessing a finely tuned empathy, Joanna has always sought to act and act in favor of a better world. Bearer of an unconditional love for humanity, she is always willing to listen and help humans, she knows that we are all children of Mother Earth and recognizes the individual value of each one. 


Born and raised in the south of Brazil, since childhood, she was interested in the invisible to the eye, the mystical, the magical and innovative creations. At the age of 6, she faced what she calls her first “castration”, when the educational system diagnosed her with a learning disability. This diagnosis comes as an attempt to frame it in a robotic teaching pattern, in which the multiple facets and human intelligence are not considered. What bugged the system was Joanna's imagination, sensitivity, and spirituality. The system does not want authentic beings capable of confronting the system itself.

As a teenager, her interest in astrology aroused, connecting her with the world of energies and the subtle, a connection that was still limited due to the patriarchal and traditional system in which she was inserted and in which she was educated. Not knowing how to deal with the sensitivity and desire for transformation, she dedicated herself to enjoying life as a typical teenager, but at the age of 19, in what would be her first “call”,  she listened to her intuition and decided to go explore the world. Of the six months planned in Europe, she spent one year and nine months outside Brazil, the last three exploring the eastern lands.


During this period, which he considers the first watershed in life, being on the other side of the world, he realized the dimension of life and the intrinsic pleasure in getting to know humanity.  It was at that moment that she connected with the Mission of helping humanity to come out of suffering and connect with its authenticity. Back in Brazil, at the age of 21, she knew that she was no longer the same and that she would no longer be able to live a life without purpose, without a greater meaning for her soul's calling. Back in her homeland, she began the process of finding where he belonged. At the same time, she entered Psychology and there she felt that she was “at home”, that she could speak her language, that her intuition could be explored and her love for humanity made she dedicates herself, body and soul to this professional journey.


It's been more than 15 years of a profound journey of studies, experiences, dedication, creations and achievements. She is committed and  focused on her Serving and her personal evolution, and also dedicated to expansion and calling with the collective that connected with the vision of a better world, with the idea that we have the power and the task to change the world. 


See my past experiences and know who you can trust

In the field of Psychology, worked in different areas such as schools, psychiatric hospitals, companies, clinics, universities, health centers, social projects, conferences, study groups and educational, human sexuality and spiritual experiences, always aligned with the help of a new perspective for humanity.

She is specialized in Systemic Therapy, where she became a  Family, Couples and Individual Therapist. She also trained in facilitation for therapeutic groups, due to the intense work that she already carried out. In addition, she entered the academic world, where she participated in several research groups until he completed his Master's degree. During her work, teaching classes at the university, she realized the limited environment in which she was inserted, in which she could not facilitate and talk about the "new psychology" more aligned with the holistic being, the intuitive and authentic being that we are. Due to these limitations, the students themselves brought up the need to explore the systemic view within psychology. So, for two and a half years, he facilitated a study group in his own house in which he helped future psychologists to develop a systemic look at their service. 

Today, she clearly perceives that she was already initiating and practicing the movement of New Consciousness, not only within her service, but also in her personal life. Throughout this journey, I assisted clients in therapy, which provided an autonomous space for experimentation, authenticity and responses.  During her career, she remained involved in voluntary community projects, as she knew that her service could not be aligned only with paid work, but also with the certainty of exercising her truth and helping humanity, that is, working from the heart. In addition, it always seemed very limited to look at a niche of humanity, while, we are all crossed by everything around us and yes, influenced and agents of transformation. In parallel with his deep journey into the field of psychology, she became involved in work considered “alternative”, that is, spiritual. She participated in sacred feminine groups, Buddhist studies, retreats and experiences that came out of traditional molds.


In 2017, she left Brazil to follow a new calling and return to the East. to connect with spiritual source that there is so preserved. After having a dream about the Himalayas, and even though I was living a full life in Rio de Janeiro, I knew I had no choice, it wasn't a decision that was up to Joanna alone, it was a call from the Soul. And so, she went, first to Australia to learn the English language and start a phase of online consultations, helping and witnessing the journeys of people around the world. There she learned about detachment from a fixed place, about the humility of living in another culture and land and challenged himself to flights that required courage. It was a phase that tried to move away from the therapist who had been working tirelessly for over 10 years. However, as the desire and guidance of the universe is more powerful than any mundano desire, in less than 3 months I was already attending again, in an informal, innovative and transformative context.  Then she began her journey through Asia until he got to know where her base is today, an island in Thailand. Where she have been for 5 years in an intense expansion of consciousness and materialization of a Serving more connected with the Integral Being that we are. She started work in the field  the science of Yoga, creating meditations, facilitating retreats and immersions, reading astral charts, using the systemic constellation to enhance work, deepening on female empowerment,  attending psychedelic therapeutic journeys and creating a bridge between spirituality and modern science.


All these works are connected with her Mission which is  NEW CONSCIOUSNESS TO HUMANITY, TOWARDS CREATING A NEW SYSTEM FOR EARTH.

Today, it accumulates several formations from the international baggage. Aware that these trainings are not so important compared to the dedication of practice and experience, which were priorities in her life. She lives a life of coherence and alignment with her nature Being, which allows her to be in a healthy frequency to help the Human Beings.


Her next project is a book with a complete vision of this NEW FOUNDATION for creating a better world. It works with energy fields all the time, exploring the baggage of this trajectory in a simple language that is easily accessible to all. In recent years, she has been studying in depth the new medicines for healing and expanding consciousness. 


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