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I met Joanna by circumstances in Koh Phangan, when she gave a private yoga class with a psychological background. When I heard the music she played during her class and saw her appearance I was totally attracted. Joanna is a very warm-hearted person and full of love, you could feel that from the first sight. That was the reason why I asked her if she also gives yoga personal training with focus on personal growth. During my stay in Ko Phangan we regularly did PT Sessions which helped me to expand so much more in my personal development. We focused on chakra work (yoga flows, meditation, pranayama) but also profited from her acting experience and did some family system role plays which also helped me to release stuck energy and learned so much more about myself and my body. I truly can say that Joanna has a lot of wisdom concerning, yoga, chakra system, emotion regulation, psychology but also a great intuitive intelligence, which supports her in her 1:1 sessions

to really recognize the roots of disease, blockages etc. If you want to transform yourself into higher vibrational levels I totally can recommend Joanna as a mentor, teacher and psychologist.

Mara, 32yo , Germany.

"Joanna represents light. She teaches, she guides, she is pure strength and adventure. 

She came to my field through a friend that I admire a lot and I became very attached to the idea of being who I am, in pure naturalness, after I started the sessions. I started to understand more about my history and accept and honor my ancestors. She showed me that no matter where I come from, I can always look for a new version of myself. with more conscience, with more care and more self love. The journey becomes more present and meaningful after our sessions and I am forever grateful for your being."

Julia, 27 years old, Brazil

"My therapeutic experience with Joanna was life changing. I went through a difficult but rewarding experience of self-analysis, and with her guidance and tools, I feel I learned to be myself. 
Joanna helped me recognize and embrace my triggers as I worked on a way to minimize their effects. She has been a key member of my ongoing growth process, opening my eyes in so many ways and helping me understand myself better. 
I am so grateful that our paths crossed."  

Izadora, 31 years old, Brazil

"I sought Joanna's help because I needed to unlock my relationship with my parents. Growing up as the daughter of separated parents can be a huge emotional burden and that burden ended up affecting my life in all areas, from finances to my self. acceptance and relationship with friends and lovers. The therapy helped me to reinvent my relationship with my parents and accept them as they are. I learned to accept and understand that I am an adult woman and that my inner child, wounded and frustrated, needs from my adult wife to understand her I learned that I could never change my parents and the way they raised me, but today I know that they did the best they could.

I believe that my desire to be a better person led me to seek Jo's help. And I'm sure I wouldn't be who I am today without her help. 

I will be forever grateful for everything she taught me."

Sabrina, 29 years old, Brazil

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