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Welcome! If you've come this far, you're already connected to us, through your search for healing (from physical illness to the most subtle), solving your problems, self-knowledge  or for a greater meaning in life. I invite you to explore our services and feel the call to your awakening and to the realization of your deep and true dreams/goals.

Journey Supporting  

(Individual Therapy)

Multiple meetings focused on listening to the customer's demand and helping them to connect with their trajectory and develop a conscious mind about their processes, standards and desires.

In these meetings, we will look at your  individual trajectory, understand your roles within the systems we are inserted in and act to transform patterns inherited by the current system in favor of a more aligned, loving life with a greater purpose. An opportunity to expand and release limiting low frequencies.

Love Connection (Couple Therapy)

Sessions aligned to the couple's demand. It could be one, a few sessions or a longer journey. The focus is to facilitate the communication and alignment of the two energy fields and personalities present there. We will understand the point of attraction between the couple and the role of each one in the relationship. In addition, we will connect your present demands with the individual journey of each one from the family context. Together we align the commitment to transformation and we will honor the love present in the meeting of these souls. We will use rituals and tasks to enhance this connection and assuming that a couple requesting therapy is looking for a healthy love, we will focus on the development of this Love.

Family Alignment (Family Therapy)

Sessions lined up on demand from two or several family members. Here we will understand the system and how much this system is causing the symptom/demand. Also, it becomes a beautiful work of communication, listening, connection, love, compassion and forgiveness. Helping the family to understand the karmic points that have been perpetuated for generations and understanding the collective work of healing and liberation in the present moment. We will use rituals, exercises and techniques that help all members in this process of healing and transformation.

Facilitation/Group Therapy = Alignment between the parties

This service can target different types of groups. From groups of friends, genres, communities and even groups of works or projects. We align the demand/objective of the meetings and facilitate communication and the meeting of resolutions based on the demand. Remembering that a demand can only be the connection of the group and the parties.

Astrological Chart Reading = Cosmic DNA Reading

A single session focused on the general reading of the astral map, making room for any questions from the client due to their current situation. The session lasts two hours, which makes the reading more general and not focusing on points or exploring aspects. However, if the customer feels the need to explore more, we can create a package with more sessions.

Alignment with the Stars within Our Journey

Therapeutic planning structured from the Natal Chart and Conscious Listening.

We will use our Natal Chart as a GPS for therapeutic sessions. We will look at the aspects that are in the shadows and create a personal development plan, in this way we will discover the aspects that are in the light and leverage them in favor of better results in the client's life. A great opportunity for people who want to insert astrology into their lives and practice it.

Systemic Constellation - working our ancestry

Individual or in group

We will use this powerful tool to unlock karmic patterns and release suffering. In addition, we will understand about the system we belong to and learn to respect and honor it. 

In this case, I do not propose an isolated systemic constellation session. We created a small package, where there is preparation, constellation and integration, in order to generate a deeper result and value for the client.

Furthermore, the Systemic Constellation can be used in any context, being able to "constellate" a company, a society, a relationship, a project. 

Spiritual Guidance – rediscovering your mission

4 sessions designed to understand the purpose of life or what is blocking this understanding.

Depending on where the client is on the mission journey, we will align and set the direction for mission achievement.

Sessions fully focused on the spiritual meaning of our existence and the materialization of Serving on behalf of humanity.

Speaker and Educator

Joanna has been guiding, supervising and facilitating learning and experiences for 10 years. She has a creative mind that based on empathy and knowledge, molds itself to customer demand. Experiences in different social and educational projects, helping to materialize them.
Here I seek to help projects and establishments, bringing a systemic, spiritual and loving look, aligned with the New Consciousness.

Retreat and Immersion Facilitator

She has been living in Thailand for 5 years creating retreats, workshops and immersions within the yoga system and creating a rich marriage with western psychology. She assists in deep healing processes and awakening to a new awareness. She lived for 3 years within a healing and education center returning to the science of yoga and expansion of consciousness. Where she created the structure of the programs experienced within these experiences.
  Open to proposals and initiatives in favor of expanding education in line with the new consciousness.

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